In PS4’s Days Gone, There Are Many Ways to Take Out Zombie Hordes

One of the surprises to come out of Sony’s E3 2016 press conference was the announcement of Days Gone, an adventure game in development at Sony Bend. It stars a biker named Deacon St. John, who travels through a post-apocalyptic world, fighting off hordes of infected. During the GameSpot E3 2016 livestream today, Bend’s Ron Allen and Eric Jensen provided more details about the game, its world, and what you’ll be doing in it.

When asked about the game, Allen explained that it is set in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in the Oregon area, two years after a pandemic that turns the majority of the population into zombie-like creatures called “Freakers.”

Allen then clarified that the demo shown off at the press conference is actually only one of many ways the level could’ve progressed. “That was actually one of the missions in the game,” he said. “It takes place later on. You have a goal and you do have an objective for that mission. Your goal is to clear out the entire horde. And depending how you approach it, the different weapons, the upgrades, the ammo you take, it can play out one of many different ways.”

He then described the game’s world as “living,” saying that there are other non-infected people out there who “are desperate. And desperate people do desperate things to survive.”

He continued: “There’s a day/night cycle; being in the Pacific Northwest, there’s very extreme weather, and all of that affects the world… We’ve never seen a game set anywhere like that; there’s a ton of different regions–mountainous regions to lush forests.”

When asked about the game’s technology, Allen explained that it’s using a heavily modified Unreal Engine 4 that allows for them to achieve huge hordes composed of individual creatures. “Every one of [the creatures in the horde] is making their own decisions and going after the player, but at the same time they’re thinking as one.”

There’s no word yet on when Days Gone will be released, but you can check out the E3 demo here. You can also take a look at all the other news from the Sony press conference.

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