PlayStation boss: console manufacturers must take risks on developers like Hideo Kojima

Founding member of Sony’s flagship console Andrew House comes clean about Death Stranding, virtual reality and yelling at Nintendo

It was certainly not a conventional E3 game trailer. The forthcoming release from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and his self-named studio saw actor Norman Reedus naked on a beach, clutching a baby and surrounded by dead sea creatures – and that was essentially that. But occupying the centre point of Sony’s pre-event press conference, Death Stranding made a huge impact, both in the auditorium and among the hundreds of thousands watching online. If it was a gamble to give prominent placing to such a surreal and oblique video, it certainly paid off.

Tweeting later, Kojima made it clear that the game is some time away – an unnecessary clarification from a man whose previous titles have often undergone several years of development. It was perhaps exasperation with his unhurried approach that recently led Konami to end its 30-year relationship with the developer. Now, he joins Fumito Ueda and David Cage in a collection of the industry’s most unpredictable auteurs, all working for Sony.

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