Orange is the New Black: Season 4 Spoiler Discussion

Welcome to the full-spoiler discussion page for Season 4 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. This is for those who’ve watched all 13 episodes of the fourth season and want to read my thoughts about plot specifics or comment down below about the finale or any other spoiler-ific aspect of the show. For my overall, non-spoilery thoughts, click here to read the Orange is the New Black: Season 4 review.

I feel like I should have seen tragedy coming Poussey’s way since her love story with Soso this season seemed to spell out doom. It’s just the way TV works. We know this. Likewise, I suppose, something awful could have happened to Soso. I think I just didn’t see Poussey’s enormously sad death coming because she seemed to dodge a bullet back in Season 2 with the Big Vee storyline. But, because this show plays things against the grain, she didn’t fall when it was expected. She fell when, essentially, the rug could get painfully pulled out from under us.

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