Ship Builder The Last Leviathan Docks At Early Access

Let’s be clear: the above header image is a stock photo and is not my own ship-crafting handiwork. You see, Super Punk Games’ The Last Leviathan [official site] bills itself as a “physics-based ship building and destruction adventure” and it seems I very much forgot to consider the former. I spent the best part of half an hour designing what I thought was a robust and threatening sea faring vessel with cannons and spikes and flamethrowers and when I finally tossed it into the water it immediately upturned and exploded shortly thereafter. Curse you buoyancy (or lack thereof)!

Anyway, The Last Leviathan is sort-of like genre similar Besiege and has just landed on Early Access. Here’s April’s Greenlight trailer that showcases boats far superior to mine:

… [visit site to read more]

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