Wrestling Wrap Up: Is WWE Bringing Back a 2nd World Title?

While no real mention was made on Smackdown regarding Roman’s 30 day suspension, it was time to address the Romaphant in the Room on RAW and actually talk openly about why “The Guy” was no longer around. With all of it sort of becoming an unintentional Roast ‘o Reigns in the process, as Roman’s “mistake” was called out over and over, along with his lack of ability to get over with the fans. They even threw his “I Own It” tweet up on the ‘Tron for Rollins to mock. It was pretty surprising actually, even though there was really no way to stall for a month and not bring it up.

Making things even worse for Roman, overall though, was the fact that both Styles and Cena came out and wanted in on the Battleground match – instantly, and hypothetically, making the Battleground main event more exciting. Because look, I was excited about the triple threat because it was ALL Shield, not because Roman was in it. He just came with the package, so there was definitely room to goose it up if they decided to drop Roman from the bill. But they’re not. As far as we can tell, he’s going to sit out June and then show up to fight at the PPV since it occurs days after he’d return from his exile.

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