Fallout 4 Mod Update Adds a Bunch of New Features

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 mods website has received an update today that adds a bunch of new features that makes using and posting mods more flexible. You now have more control over your mods, which makes it easier for potential users to download and implement them.

Some of the new options for creators include the ability to see their mods’ stats, edit the version number with a custom name, and moderate comments–comments can also be “Liked” now, too. Additionally, categories for “Piracy/Stolen” were added to mod reports, and time-based filters were added to all of the major search categories.


Required dependencies can now be added to a mod’s details page, which lets players know that they need a specific add-on or mod to use it. Bethesda’s dev notes says these can be official add-ons like Automatron or other Bethesda.net mods.

Bethesda also added more server-side security, making it mandatory to use a Steam-linked Bethesda.net account to upload mods. Versions of the Creation Kit that predate 1.4 no longer work.

You can read the full list of dev notes on Bethesda’s website.

Bethesda’s mod database came to PC first in April, while Xbox One got it about a month later. The PS4 has yet to receive access to mods, though an update to the Creation Kit the prepares it for a closed beta has revealed some significant issues on PS4. The problems include sound files not working and a 900 MB limit for mods–the Xbox One has a limit of 2 GB. You can see the rest here.

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