Pokemon Sun and Moon Early Purchase Bonus Revealed

A bonus Munchlax will be available to those who purchase Pokemon Sun and Moon, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct.

Those who purchase the game before January 11, 2017 and connect to the internet will be able to collect a Munchlax carrying the special Snorlium Z item. When evolved into Snorlax, a special Z-Move that cannot be used by any other Pokemon, Pulverizing Pancake, will be available for that Snorlax thanks to the item.

Munchlax will also know the move Hold Back when downloaded and be able to learn the move Happy Hour, two moves it could not otherwise know.

A new Alolan version of an original Pokemon was also revealed during the Direct. Alolan Rattata is a Dark/Normal type, as opposed to the traditional Normal-type Rattata.

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