Paper Mario: Color Splash Has the Most Realistic-Looking Lemons You’ve Ever Seen

In a standard Mario game, there are a few options you can always rely on when you’re taking down an enemy. You can stomp, use a Super Star, or maybe throw a fireball, but how often do you get to blind a koopa with lemon juice? Well, thanks to Paper Mario: Color Splash, even the power of citrus is now in our favorite plumber’s arsenal.

In Color Splash, the battle card system from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam returns, but this time with a new twist: Thing cards. You can still utilize jumps and hammers and fireballs as you’d expect, but Things offer the wonderfully weird twist of introducing 3D objects into Mario’s 2D world that deliver devastating finishing moves in battle.

With long animations reminiscent of a Final Fantasy-style summon, Things shown in our PAX demo included revelations such as blinding enemies with the aforementioned lemon juice, stomping foes with a 50-foot tall fortune cat, and using the world’s largest fan to send a boss flying off the earth itself.

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