Why Final Fantasy XV Becomes More Linear Near the End

Final Fantasy XV has a gigantic open world to explore, but it doesn’t stay that way the entire time. Recently, director Hajime Tabata has discussed the fact that in later parts of the game, XV actually becomes more linear as players start to focus more on following the story.

In an interview at PAX, Tabata explained why the game is structured this way, and clarified how much of the open world you’ll still be able to go back and explore even once you’ve reached the later parts of the game.

“Rather than it being the latter half, it’s actually very close to the end of the game,” Tabata told IGN regarding when things become more linear.

“I didn’t want to end the game in an open world type of environment,” he continued. “At the very end, when the main character and the enemy are going against one another, there’s a build up in the story. I wanted to ensure that that last part was a little bit different from the open world environment and more of a packed, condensed type of game experience.”

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