World of Final Fantasy May Be the Series’ Funniest Game

Final Fantasy isn’t a series primarily associated with humor. While each game features its own comic relief, mainline games are generally better known for their epic, sweeping stories and Shakesperean-level tragedies. In World of Final Fantasy, I heard two jokes about body odor within a 20-minute play session.

World of Final Fantasy is an adorable new departure for Final Fantasy and sees players exploring the land of Grymoire, a chibi-style world filled with all of the Final Fantasy monsters you’d expect. You play as brother and sister duo Lann and Reyne, who are the lone characters who can switch from chibi-style to “normal” sized, which causes quite a stir.

While turn-based battles work about how you’d expect, World of Final Fantasy’s humor really took me by surprise. Early on, Lann and Reyne have wonderful banter as they explore Grymoire trying to get their memories back, and even break the fourth wall as they observe the circumstances they’ve found themselves in. They use decidedly un-Final Fantasy-like slang (calling a Queen “dude,” for example), which prompts fun responses from the characters they encounter. Cameos from series heroes like Cloud and Lightning also let us see those characters in fun new circumstances instead of the serious, somber situations we’re used to.

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