Saints Row Movie: What It Would’ve Been Like

Nick Nunziata, a producer on the canned Saints Row movie, and writer Peter Aperlo recently shared some insights on the development of the film, as well as why it never made it to the big screen.

In a post on Fandom, Nunziata said the team, which included Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin, was working with a “strong script” from Aperlo, whose credits include a handful of video games and the upcoming thriller Devil’s Gate. In Nunziata’s words, the script “felt like a modern-day Escape from New York, only bigger and with that Saints Row attitude.”

According to Aperlo, with Saints Row: The Third in development at the time, the movie was going to be set between the first and second Saints Row games, with a focus on translating the game’s tone, rather than its mythology, to the big screen. He wanted it to be a “hard R,” but was ultimately asked to prepare a PG-13 script in hopes of landing a big star — Aperlo said Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was “very interested at one point.”

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