Mario Party: Star Rush Still Lets You Sabotage Your Friends

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m not very good at Mario Party minigames. I’m never the fastest button masher, I’m awful at rhythm games, and my pattern recognition skills leave something to be desired. But despite my many shortcomings, Mario Party still gives me a chance to win…as long as I’m willing to screw over my friends.

In a PAX demo of Mario Party: Star Rush, I wasn’t doing very well. I lost an early lead in our first mini game and came in dead last in the second. But then I got my first Kamek item, and that’s when my luck began to change.

Mario Party: Star Rush is coming exclusively to 3DS, and Nintendo was smart to recognize the way people play a game like this on a handheld. Since you won’t be gathered around a TV with all the time in the world, minigames need to be fast in case the game is happening on, say, a bus or a train about to reach its stop. In order to move things along more quickly, Star Rush introduces Toad Scramble, which still has players moving across a game board but makes turns simultaneous instead of making other players wait for their opponents to take a turn.

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