PS4 Pro High-Res Images Reveal New Hardware Changes

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro earlier today at its September 7 press briefing, offering a detailed look at the upcoming, more powerful hardware.

Along with the reveal has come a detailed look at the system itself, unveiling some of the differences in design when compared to the original PlayStation 4 model. Among the alterations being made is the system’s light bar moving from the top of the system to the front of the console, but let’s take a further look at other modifications made to the PS4 Pro.

The front view of the Pro reveals that the Power and Disc Eject buttons have been moved. Rather than stacked on top of each other around the center of the console, the Power button is now all the way to the left side of the Pro beneath the disc drive. The Eject button is further toward the right and actually is not directly beneath the disc drive. Like the previous PS4, two USB ports are still present next to the disc drive.

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