Dawn of the Devs Features Kojima, Miyamoto Parodies

Dawn of the Devs, a new game seeking Kickstarter funding, offers players the chance to control parodies of famous game developers on a quest to save the World of Gaming.

As revealed by the Kickstarter campaign, which has a $65,000 goal, Dawn of the Devs features takes on Hideo Kojima, Cliff Blezinski, and Tim Schafer as its main playable characters — named Hiro Komiya, Biff Klozinski, and Tom Schiffer, respectively.

The new 2D puzzle platformer throws these parody game developers into the Wicked World of Gaming, a once peaceful world now taken over by the Chief Evil Overlord (or C.E.O.), who has brought “every negative aspect of the game industry” to life. The characters themselves are game developers who will travel throughout the world’s various lands, including the Console and Computer Church and The Gameyard, which are each meant to represent a different facet of game development.

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