Deadly Premonition Creator Swery Is Now a Buddhist Priest

During July’s BitSummit game expo in Kyoto, game director Swery told IGN about his intention to become a Buddhist priest. And now he has actually done it.

Swery is best known for his PS3/Xbox 360/PC cult hit Deadly Premonition, a strange but brilliant work that split audiences upon its original release in 2010. This Kafkaesque survival horror game could be lonely, oppressive and alienating, but its balance of human drama with surreal humor made it endlessly endearing.

Swery was raised in a temple by his parents, who were also priests, and he has often cited this as a factor behind his determinedly humanist games. During a hiatus from game development as he recovers from reactive hypoglycemia (and writes a mystery novel starring a cat), Swery says he felt the desire to return to his spiritual roots.

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