GitHub announces new community and project features

GitHub announces new community and project features

GitHub has lifted the lid on a slew of new features heading to the code-sharing community hub.

Firstly, the site will launch official forums in early 2017, giving users a place to interact and learn from each other. GitHub will also be using this area to gather feedback on future additions and updates to the site, and better support its userbase.

Meanwhile the new Projects feature will enable devs to work directly from within their own GitHub repositories. They will be able to organise notes and ideas into custom columns, with examples given including “In Progress”, “Done” and “Never going to happen”.

Other additions include a new GraphQL API that gives devs better access to the data their need, based on the same tech GitHub uses, and an improved code review system, enabling devs to approve and request changes.

You can find out more about the upcoming changes at the GitHub website.

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