Rainbow Six Siege Update Fixes Its Broken New Weapon Attachment

Among the many additions in the recent Mid-Season Reinforcements update for Rainbow Six Siege were a pair of new weapon attachments. One of these, the muzzle brake, hasn’t been functioning as intended, but Ubisoft says it’s now fixed the problem.

The muzzle brake is meant to reduce the recoil on the first shot you fire. However, as Ubisoft notes on its forums, “it was not intended to reduce the recoil of automatic fire, which it has been doing since its introduction.” That would make it overlap with the compensator, the purpose of which is to reduce automatic fire recoil.


An update went out today removing this unintended functionality from the muzzle brake. This is a server-side fix, meaning you don’t need to actually download a patch on your end–it should simply be fixed next time you play.

“The Muzzle Brake will still have reduced first shot recoil making it a viable option for tap-firing behavior,” Ubisoft says.

Siege’s recent update also added the heavy barrel attachment (causing more recoil but increasing damage at long range), made changes to a number of Operators, adjusted weapon balancing, and more. You can read all about it in our previous coverage.

Going forward, more content is on the way for Siege. The most recent patch notes stated, “You can expect these kinds of updates for future seasons as we try to implement changes we think will help improve the game, while incorporating feedback from the community.” There was also recently an indication that another season pass could be coming for Siege’s second year.

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