Rez Infinite Dazzles the Senses on PlayStation VR

Just mere minutes into a PlayStation VR demo of Rez Infinite’s new stage, called Area X, and we’re spellbound. The new area coming to PlayStation this October as part of a remastered Rez experience is a masterclass of evocative trance music, beautifully timed transitions, and gorgeous particle effects. It’s not particularly challenging, but Rez has never had to be.

You can play without VR, but Sony’s headset gives Rez a level of immersion it has never had before and it’s hard to go back to the plain old TV once you’ve experienced it.

Up until this demo, Rez was best described as an on-rails shooter where trance music, cyberpunk, and video games came together to form a breathtaking digital experience. While most of that is still true, Area X rewrites the 15 year-old playbook. The result is an experience that trades in pre-set paths and sharp vector graphics for wide open freedom and explosive effects.

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