Sniper Elite 4 Teases Hitler Bonus Mission

The first gameplay trailer for Sniper Elite 4 has dropped, which includes a sneak peak at an extra campaign mission called “Target Führer.”

It’s tradition for the Sniper Elite games to include Hitler-assassination in some form, and once more players should ready themselves for a rousing chorus of “ding dong, dictator’s dead.”

This time the mission takes place in the Mediterranean on a secret Nazi U-boat. Karl Fairburne’s original target – the Commander of the base – has been killed by another unknown assassin, so your objective has changed. Now you must kill Hitler himself, destroying the enemy U-boat in the process.

As always, the campaign mission is replayable and there are multiple ways to take the despot down. Other details are scarce at the moment, but we do know that the bonus content can be played by one or two people.

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