Wrestling Wrap Up: Miz Using Daniel Bryan’s Moves is Awesome

Not the biggest week in pro-wrestling, sure, but it still felt busy as hell. Now that WWE’s doubling up on their PPVs (we’re heading into Clash of Champions this Sunday while SmackDown’s No Mercy is only weeks away) there are more storylines and feuds than ever between the two brands. Plus, there’s the over-arching tale of the “ratings war” between SmackDown and RAW that could, kayfabe, lead to the GMs getting canned. Or something.

Not for nothing though, all the footballing competition RAW’s got on Mondays now is pretty much making the two shows neck and neck in the viewer department. So there’s this window, for a few months, where SmackDown could legitimately overtake RAW – and it just might if it keeps going on the positive path it’s on. Thanks to the Usos vs Alpha and Miz vs Ziggler, I really enjoyed SD Live this week. The Cena/Ambrose main event was good, though the outcome was curious – VERRRRRY CURIOUS.

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