Destiny: Where to Watch the New Raid Tomorrow

The release of Destiny’s newest Raid is always a special moment for fans of the franchise. Players grind to have their characters ready of the encounter, days of work are missed, and it’s all to be among the first to complete this challenging event that’s regarded as the best part of Destiny. The Raid launches at 10am Pacific, but we’ll be live at 9am getting ready to go.

This year IGN will be joining in on the fun for Wrath of the Machine yet again. We’re proud to announce that IGN’s Destin Legarie will be playing alongside Planet Destiny’s Holtzman, 2 of his friends from clan Solarity, and also broadcasters TeftyTeft, and the Briar Rabbit. This group has been hard at work the last few days getting their characters all above 370 light so that they have the best opportunity possible to become Worlds First to complete the encounter. You can follow along with our progress right here on IGN.

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