See Tippett Studio’s Original Models From Star Wars, Jurassic Park, RoboCop, and More

Phil Tippett’s creations, and those of his Tippett Studio, have brought to life some of the most memorable creatures and moments from film over the last few decades. And as some of Tippett’s unused creature designs get a second chance at life in the upcoming AR game HoloGrid, IGN took a tour of the studio.

Ahead of HoloGrid: Monster Battle’s mobile release, IGN took a look at props, models, and more from Tippett Studio’s various award-winning work, from contributions to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope through films like RoboCop, Jumanji, Hellboy, and Cloverfield. Take a look at the gallery below to see a host of models from those films and more:

“It was at a period of time when a lot of new stuff was happening, and it was all experimental and fun. So you were just making stuff up out of nothing,” Tippett said of designing creatures for films back in the days of the original Star Wars.

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