How They Made Tony Stark Younger in Civil War

Early on in Captain America: Civil War, audiences see a young Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) interacting with his parents in a hologram of sorts. He’s reenacting the last time he saw them before they were killed, but the way he wished it had gone. It’s uncanny, and for those of us that grew up watching him on film, it’s almost eerie how young he looks. We saw it before with Michael Douglas in Ant-Man, but this scene was far more extensive.

During a Q&A to promote the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film, film editor Jeffrey Ford, visual effects supervisor Dan Deleeuw and sound editor Shannon Mills talked about what went into creating this scene. Deleeuw explained that they had a lot of early Robert Downey Jr. visuals to work with. “Basically what we did,” he said, “we went through and we put a kind of catalogue together of his earlier films. Part of the process was deciding what Robert should look like, as this younger version of himself. And we settled on kind of a mix between a couple films. It became more of a young Stark, than a young Robert, in a way.”

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