Ranking Halloween Horror Nights’ Awesome Mazes

Halloween Horror Nights 26 kicked off last weekend at Universal Orlando, once again offering up a bevy of scares via its collection of houses/mazes – both those based on famous horror films and several original concepts.

Coming off of the milestone Halloween Horror Nights 25, the bar had been set incredibly high. But Horror Nights 26 is another great year for the event, taking on some incredibly iconic titles and bringing them to life in a memorable manner.

Below are my rankings for this year’s mazes, with only the bottom couple feeling a bit lackluster and the rest delivering a ton of clever and creatively executed moments.

I really wished I’d liked the movie this maze was based on more, so perhaps it makes sense that the same went for this maze. Visually, it was a very unique one with its suburban, Christmas setting gone bad, and there were certainly some standout scenes – the kitchen of crazed Gingerbread Men was a fun highlight – but there were very few scares, and not enough big laughs to make up for that.

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