Once Upon a Time’s Characters Are In a Rut

Time is a flat circle, and it seems the characters in Storybrooke are stuck in it. As Once Upon a Time enters its sixth season, the premiere sees the same problems play out between the same people in slightly different deviations of versions we’ve seen before. People only fall back on their bad behavior so much; if they aren’t going to learn something from the mistakes they seemingly grew from in the past, it might be time to have them face something new entirely.

Spoilers for Once Upon a Time’s Season 6 premiere, “The Savior,” continue below.

Over the past few seasons, Once Upon a Time has kept things fresh by bringing in new fairy tale/Disney faces to enliven the series. From Anna and Elsa to Peter Pan to Hades, the constant revolving door of splashy guest characters has oftentimes shifted the focus from steady development of the core Storybrooke crew to the arc of the moment.

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