Destiny’s Nightfall Strike Changed for This Week After Issues Arise

This week’s Nightfall Strike has been changed, Bungie announced this afternoon.

The weekly reset occurred earlier today, introducing a new Nightfall Strike. This week’s was originally Winter’s Run, but player began reporting that Skeleton Keys were not dropping as they should. Bungie acknowledged the issue on Twitter and said it’s “actively investigating,” but it appears the fix won’t be a quick one.

Rather than have people playing the Nightfall without the proper rewards, Bungie has now switched the weekly event to a different Strike. As of this afternoon, choosing the Nightfall will send you to the Fallen SABER Strike, where you should hopefully earn a Skeleton Key without issue.

Skeleton Keys are the among the most desirable consumables in Destiny now that Rise of Iron has launched. They’re used to unlock chests at the end of high-level Strikes, giving you an easy chance to secure Strike-exclusive items, among other things. Nightfalls are one of the only ways to secure them.

Rise of Iron launched last Tuesday, making this only the second week that the new, higher-level Nightfall Strikes can be played. The expansion’s raid released last Friday and was quickly beaten, leaving fans to await a Hard mode version. For more on Rise of Iron, check out GameSpot’s review.

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