Dishonored 2: Messing Around With Emily’s Crazy Powers

The sheer anticipation of seeing the next cool gadget, spectacular spell, or awe-inspiring environment can be a driving force on its own, and the most recent demo I played Dishonored 2 conjured that feeling up for me. If I were to sum up my latest turn with it in one sentence, it would be, “What will I see next?” The striking art style, Emily’s crazy powers, and the spectacular transforming walls of the Clockwork Mansion all left me wondering what treats the rest of Dishonored 2 might have in store.

The mission I played, The Clockwork Mansion, takes place roughly half way through the game, tasking Emily or Corvo with two possible objectives: find and rescue your old friend Anton Sokolov and deal with his captor, Kirin Jindosh, whose clockwork mansion has more hidden rooms than Wayne Manor.  The original Dishonored was full of beautiful architecture, but the shifting walls in Jindosh’s estate take things to a new level. With a single pull of the many levers I found throughout the area,  stair cases transformed, floors broke away, and walls did flip-flops, transforming the landscape around me. It felt like the kind of spectacle many games would save for a finale. If this is an environment halfway through the game, I can’t even imagine what might follow or top it.

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