Hulu Cuts Monthly Price for New Subscribers

For a limited time, Hulu has dropped the price of a monthly subscription for new users. However, all users will still need to pay the same price for the ad-free version of the streaming service.

While you’ll still have to pay $12 a month for the ad-free version of Hulu, new subscribers can subscribe to the version that includes ads for $6 a month during the first year. After that, the subscription cost rises to the normal $8 a month, though you can cancel at anytime.


What makes Hulu different from streaming services like Netflix is that it offers on-demand shows the same day they air on television. These shows include South Park, Family Guy, and Saturday Night Live. In addition to television, it offers movies such as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Sicario, and The Beatles: Eight Days a Week.

Many gaming platforms including the PS4 and Xbox One have a Hulu app. You can check out its entire library of on-demand content here. The service is expected to offer live television streaming next year.

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