Westworld Will Keep Subverting Expectations

Warning: Full spoilers for the Westworld series premiere below.

The first episode of Westworld definitely plays with audience expectations in its first few minutes, as we meet Teddy (James Marsden), a return visitor to town, who clearly has a thing for Evan Rachel Wood’s android, Dolores. But as it turns out, Teddy isn’t the human he appears to be and is in fact an android himself – one who is powerless to stop the sadistic Westworld “guest” known only as the Man in Black (Ed Harris) from murdering him and raping Dolores, in what it turns out is a tragic loop Teddy and Dolores are trapped in without their knowledge.

I spoke to Marsden about his role in Westworld and how Teddy and Dolores are unable to ever be together simply because that’s not what their programing allows. We also spoke about the scale of the show, working with executive producers J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and more.

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