6 Things Wolverine 3 Should Pull From ‘Old Man Logan’

If you haven’t heard, Wolverine is starring in another solo movie in March 2017. Simply titled Logan, this new movie will see Hugh Jackman unleash his claws for the final time. And between the title and the fact that the movie features an older, grizzled version of the popular X-Man, all signs point to Logan adapting Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s popular comic book storyline Old Man Logan. This wouldn’t be the first time the X-Men films draw heavily from the comic book source material.

But what makes Old Man Logan so special, and how might it influence the third Wolverine movie? Here are six story elements we hope to see adapted in Logan.

5034988-746178-0.838101001213626473image_big In recent years, studios have begun showing us just how much potential there is with the superhero genre. There have been superhero political thrillers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), superhero sci-fi adventures (Guardians of the Galaxy) and raunchy superhero comedies (Deadpool). With Logan, Fox now has the chance to deliver the first superhero Western. Well, the first one worth watching, anyway (sorry, Jonah Hex). Old Man Logan is very much a Western, with sweeping shots of the sun-baked vistas and Wolverine being cut from the same cloth as John Wayne or Clint Eastwood’s cowboy heroes. The comic is actually very similar to Eastwood’s 1992 classic Unforgiven, right down to the fact that the story revolves around Logan reluctantly carrying out a mission and leaving his family to tend to the farm in his absence.

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