Justice League Dark Inspried by Harry Potter, Final Fantasy and Full Metal Alchemist

At the New York Comic Con Justice League Dark panel, director Jay Oliva talked about how the new animated supernatural superhero movie was inspired by Harry Potter, the Final Fantasy video games, and the Full Metal Alchemist anime.

“I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. I was inspired by a lot of the magic I watched in a lot of my old video games,” Oliva said. “

things like Full Metal Alchemist. I take all of the things that I love and throw them into the DCU and come up with something new.”

Oliva explained that when magic is used in the movie, it takes on a different look depending on who is casting the spell. The demons have fiery runes, Constantine’s magic is green, and Zatanna’s is white or blue. He borrowed the transformation symbols from Full Metal Alchemist. He said this movie is essentially what his version of Harry Potter would look like.

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