Matt Damon Addresses The Great Wall ‘Whitewashing’ Accusations

Matt Damon spoke to us during New York Comic Con about accusations of whitewashing in the star’s upcoming movie The Great Wall.

Damon said he was “bummed out” by the accusations, but takes them seriously. However, he said he’d be surprised if people still felt like the movie was whitewashed after seeing the completed film.

“It’s historical fantasy. It’s a monster movie,” Damon told us. He went on to explain he and Pedro Pascal’s roles in the story.

“Pedro and I play mercenaries,” Damon said, ones on a quest to steal gunpowder from the Chinese. “We feel like we can take over Europe if we have gunpowder.”

However, their characters come upon the Great Wall on the eve of a huge battle against waves of mythical monsters. “There’s a secret army” defending the Wall against the attack, which happens every 60 years. Damon said he and Pacal’s characters “prove ourselves” to the secret army.

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