Matt Damon Explains Why He Won’t Play a Superhero (Yet)

We caught up with Matt Damon at New York City Comic Con and the star let us know why he won’t be playing any superheroes anytime soon.

“I just haven’t seen one that would interest me,” he told us when we caught up with him after a panel for his upcoming movie The Great Wall.

But Damon hasn’t written off a future superhero role entirely. He told us if a hypothetical superhero movie had a “great director,” citing The Great Wall’s Zhang Yimou, “I’d certainly look at it.”

Until then, Damon said no superhero roles spring immediately to mind that would get him excited to dive in.

Citing the recent Spider-Man and Batman reboots, Damon told us “we’re already repeating the superheroes. I don’t know if there’s one great one that I’m missing.”

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