Original Nova Rockets Back for New Marvel Comic

Today during Marvel’s Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy panel, the publisher announced that original Nova Richard Rider will be returning for a new Nova comic book series scheduled to hit in December.

The series will be co-written by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez with art by Perez.

Nova #1 cover by Ramon Perez. (Marvel Comics) Nova #1 cover by Ramon Perez. (Marvel Comics)

Last we saw Richard Rider, he was trapped in the Cancerverse with Peter Quill and Drax, and together they were fighting to keep Thanos trapped there with them. Eventually, Rider tapped into the full Nova Force inside his body to open a door so his fellow heroes could travel back to the prime Marvel Universe, an act that unknowingly sent Thanos back, too. Rider remained trapped on the other side until now.

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