New Prey Trailer Puts You in the Female Morgan’s Shoes

A new trailer for Prey was released today, and if you’ve been following the game closely, it’ll likely seem familiar. That’s because it’s essentially a retread of a previously released trailer, only this time we see it from the perspective of the female version of protagonist Morgan Yu.

Everything plays out just as it did in the August trailer, with an ominous voiceover warning of some kind of force that Morgan is aware of in 2034. We then skip ahead to 2035, when Morgan’s suspicions are… confirmed, it’s fair to say.

Players can choose from a male or female version of Morgan, which is the reason for the gender-neutral name. You can read our impressions of the game from Gamescom here.

Prey is the new game from Dishonored developer Arkane Studios. It bears no real connection to the previous game of the same name. Its director, Raphael Colantonio, describes it as neither a horror game nor a shooter, instead playing out like a game you’d expect from Arkane. “It’s more like a hybrid game where there’s narrative mixed with action mixed with a little bit of [an] RPG layer,” he explained.

Prey 2 was in development at one point, only for it to be canceled. Bethesda confirmed the cancellation in 2014. A rumor surfaced earlier this year suggesting that a “completely reworked” version would be announced at E3.

The first Prey was released back in 2006 for PC and Xbox 360 by Human Head Studios, which has gone on to develop games like Dungeon Defenders II.

The new Prey is due out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2017.

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