Another Pokemon Fan Project in the Works for Years Is Almost Ready for Release

Not long after fan game Pokemon Uranium launched, another fan project, Pokemon Prism, is rapidly approaching its release–and you can play it right now. Sort of.

As detailed in a recent trailer (below), Prism has been in the works for nearly eight years. It features a new story, more than 200 Pokemon, a new region, and the ability to play as one of your Pokemon, among other things. It’s designed in the style of a Game Boy Color-era Pokemon game but features 60 FPS gameplay.

Prism is scheduled for release on PC in December, but in the meantime it’s being played by the public on Twitch. This is happening through the TwitchPlaysPokemon channel, where viewers can input commands in chat that are then carried out in-game. The stream has been going on for about two days as of this writing, having kicked off on October 9.

Being a fan game that makes use of the Pokemon IP, there will undoubtedly be concerns that lawyers for Nintendo and/or The Pokemon Company will take action to shut it down. Those behind the aforementioned Pokemon Uranium, also a fan project that was released for free, were forced to remove download links for the game after takedown notices were issued. The game is still available from certain places online, but the developers have since abandoned the project, which was in development for over nine years.

The developers behind Prism don’t seem to be concerned by that prospect, as releasing a trailer and launching on Twitch are clearly moves designed to attract attention. It remains to be seen what happens from here.

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