Overwatch Players Are Photobombing The New Halloween Mode

Overwatch Players Are Photobombing The New Halloween Mode

In Overwatch’s Halloween-themed “Junkenstein’s Revenge” brawl, boss characters get stylish entrances that are one part Play Of The Game and one part Too Many Cooks. Naturally, players have found a way to screw with them.

When the camera zooms in, the action doesn’t stop. Overwatch players have taken to timing their emotes just right, resulting in some phenomenal photobombs. Here are just a few:

Here’s ohsofancyschmancy as the world’s most comically enthusiastic McCree:

PrickledPickle is the smuggest Hanzo:

Junkenstein’s revenge will have to wait, thanks to Kyuba_Elma:

“M’lady” (via Relyt4000):

Years of experience have given Ana the most wizened photobomb game of all (via smellyfeetyouhave):

Eat it, Reaper (via Squidbit):

And finally, FailingToDodge figured out that you can just sleep dart everybody the second they appear, resulting in some magnificent anti-climaxes:

Have you taken up the time-honored art of photobombing? Let’s see your best.

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