This Week’s Wildest Westworld Fan Theories

Welcome back to our weekly round up of the crazy (and not-so-crazy) fan theories on what’s going on in HBO’s latest sci-fi series, Westworld. Episode 3 gave us a little more information on certain members of management’s intentions – I don’t know about you, but I’m developing a real soft spot for Bernard – yet there’s still plenty of mystery to sink our teeth into here. Here’s what the internet is saying this week.

Spoilers ahead for ALL AIRED episodes of Westworld to date. 

Currently information on the identity of Ed Harris’ violent guest is scarce, but The Wrap theorises that Westworld co-creator Arnold is  not dead, as Ford claims, but walking round the park bashing hosts’ heads in. Why? Because Arnold wanted to bring hosts to consciousness – as the Men in Black arguably appears to be – and it’s a sound explanation as to why he’s allowed so much freedom.

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