Wrestler Cody Rhodes on his Killer Arrow Role

In the upcoming Arrow episode, “A Matter of Trust” — which airs Wednesday, October 19th — Oliver’s new team is ready to hit the streets, even though he doesn’t feel they’re quite ready. Maybe his hesitation is due to the fact that wrestling star Cody Rhodes — who Arrow star Stephen Amell faced off against in a WWE ring back at SummerSlam 2015 — is guest starring as a drug dealer named Derek Sampson, determined to terrorize Star City and peddle his “Stardust” (I see what they did there!).

Amell and Rhodes may have never gotten their rematch in WWE, but fans can look forward to a ton of fighting in “A Matter of Trust” as the second-generation pro-wrester crosses over into the DC TV-verse to battle his nemesis. I recently spoke to Rhodes about his role on Arrow, the many ways comic books have influenced his wrestling personas, and his recent time on the independent scene.

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