Westworld: Dolores and William Grow Closer

What’s behind the ghostly glitches in some of Westworld’s hosts? Now that we know Evan Rachel Wood’s theme park attraction “Host” Dolores is exhibiting rather curious tendencies, ones unbecoming of her code, what will happen to her now that she’s strayed from her scene and run into Jimmi Simpson’s William?

On this week’s upcoming episode, “Dissonance Theory” — airing Sunday, October 23rd — Dolores will go so far as to accompany William and Ben Barnes’ Logan on their bounty hunt in the badlands. Check out the photo gallery below, along with the official preview for the fourth episode!

The official synopsis for “Dissonance Theory” reads:

The Man in Black (Ed Harris), with Lawrence (Clifton Collins, Jr.) in tow, finds a critical clue in his search to unlock the maze. Meanwhile, Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) discuss the future of the park and Maeve (Thandie Newton) is troubled by a recurring vision.

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