Hideo Kojima’s Favourite Game of 2014, Framed, Gets Sequel

In 2014, Hideo Kojima tweeted about the touch-screen puzzle game Framed, stating that it had a “High sense of gameplay, graphic, & sound. My best game in this year without any doubt.”

Now, developer Loveshack Entertainment has announced a sequel: Framed 2.

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Framed is a puzzle game for iOS and Android where the player manipulates a series of animated comic book panels to change the events and outcomes of the story it portrays. Players help characters overcome hazardous obstacles by changing both their physical position and the chronological order in which they are encountered.

The sequel will feature new puzzles, mechanics, characters, and locations. The developer emphasised that Framed 2 will have a stronger focus on narrative, with links back to the original game. It will also feature an original film noir-inspired score.

Framed 2 will debut and be playable at Melbourne International Games Week 2016, which takes place from October 29 to November 7 in Melbourne, Australia. The event encompasses PAX Australia and a variety of Australian Games Industry conferences and events, including the Education in Games Summit and the Australian Game Developers Awards.

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