Nintendo NX News Confirmed for Today

In a week crowded with big game releases and a new Red Dead Redemption trailer, things just got a little bit crazier. Nintendo has confirmed it will broadcast new details about the company’s next big console on Thursday, October 20 at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET/3 PM BST.

According to the Japanese Nintendo Twitter, the company will release a three-minute trailer for the NX. As of yet, we don’t know if we’ll see games, hardware, or both. Notably, Nintendo calls the announcement a “trailer” and not a full direct presentation. We’ll update this page tomorrow with a link to whatever Nintendo unveils.

While we’ve known about the NX for quite a while, Nintendo has been stoic on any specific details. Back in 2015, the device was rumored to be a console/handheld hybrid, and current speculation says the device will use cartridges. Although cartridges are traditionally synonymous with Nintendo’s portable gaming platforms, the company’s own website describes the NX as its next “home” gaming system.

But no matter what it looks like, Nintendo has confirmed two things: it’s slated to launch in March of 2017, and it will be able to play the upcoming Zelda game Breath of the Wild.

As a tease, Nintendo of America used the image below in its tweet confirming tomorrow’s announcement.

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Stayed tuned right here for all the details about the NX as they’re confirmed.

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