The Perfect Symmetry of Logan

Today we got the first teaser trailer for Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine 3, the film that star Hugh Jackman says will be his last as the clawed X-Men character. But interestingly, this final outing for Jackman looks like it may track thematically with where Logan was when we first met him on the big screen 16 years ago. There’s a symmetry shaping up here for Wolverine, and it could prove to be the perfect high note for Jackman to go out on.

Some spoilers follow for the original Old Man Logan comics story from 2008.

In the original X-Men movie, which was released as superhero cinema was just exiting the Dark Ages in the year 2000, Jackman’s Logan is a lone wolf, a pained and tormented character who lives life on the road, apparently subsisting on a mix of cage matches for cash, cheap cigars and stale beer. While we’d later learn his full backstory, Logan’s initial introduction to moviegoers was as an amnesiac with no real sense of where he came from or how he came to be Wolverine. He was painted as a lost, sad character all alone in the world.

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