Official Skyrim Monopoly Set Coming Next Year

A new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim–themed Monopoly board game will be released in March 2017, video game merchandiser Merchoid announced today. Pre-orders are available now on the Merchoid store.

Skyrim Monopoly will allow players to buy and sell property around the realms of Tamriel, from creating villages in Winterhold to breaking ground on massive castles in Windhelm. In Skyrim Monopoly, players won’t have to worry about dragons biting their heads off. Instead, they’ll have to worry about them “destroy

your hard earned investment.”

All of the lore, characters, and locations will be straight from the video game. When released in March 2017, Skyrim Monopoly will cost $48. Curious about other video game Monopoly boards? Merchoid will release a Final Fantasy VII Monopoly set in April 2017.

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