SeaFall: is the legacy format heralding a new era of board games?

After the success of Pandemic Legacy, designer Rob Daviau is back with a seafaring adventure. But is everyone ready for board games you throw away at the end?

Rob Daviau thought Cluedo was flawed. It was around the end of 2008, while Daviau was working as a designer at Hasbro, and he was brainstorming ideas which could breathe new life into the murder mystery classic. “At one point I made the comment: ‘I don’t know why they keep inviting these people over for dinner, they’re all mass murderers. Why would you keep inviting them back game after game?’”

Daviau was joking, but his boss thought there was something in his critique. What if there was a way for games to change every time they were played? They discussed ways in which decisions made in one gaming session might carry over into the next. An attempt at Cluedo: The Usual Suspects was swiftly abandoned but Daviau soon found another classic with potential: Risk – the somewhat interminable game of word conquest.

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