Titanfall 2 Multiplayer: Bigger… and Better?

Like the original, the duality of switching between Titanfall 2’s nimble pilots and monstrous titans is at the heart of what makes its multiplayer great. The sequel’s additions and changes, while significant, do little to distract from this brilliant gameplay loop. The pilot’s ability to effortlessly traverse terrain is still remarkably fluid when the map allows for it, and titans feel like a more permanent investment thanks to rodeo changes and the advent of batteries.

Titan loadouts as they existed in the original have been scrapped in favor of six unique archetypes, each with a charismatic and thematically appropriate designation. Scorch launches thermite, Ronin wields a flashy sword, and Ion evaporates enemies with a giant laser erupting from its chest. This change may seem like a step backwards where customization is concerned, but the ability to identify an enemy titan’s capabilities at a glance is well worth the sacrifice. Increased readability is present on foot too, as each pilot’s character model is directly linked to their tactical ability. A pilot draped an exotic fur for instance has the capability to cloak.

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