The Walking Dead: Who Did Negan Kill in the Season 7 Premiere? [SPOILERS]

At the end of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, the newest buy guy on the block, Negan, stood in front of a group from Alexandria, and he was planning on killing one of them to show he was in charge. However, before that happened, the episode ended, which led to frustration and a whole slew of theories over the summer as to who Negan would kill.

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Now, with the start of the new season, we finally learned which out the fan-favorite characters Negan decided to beat to death. You can see the lineup of potential victims in the image above.

Warning: Spoilers for the Season 7 premiere below.

It turns out that Negan killed Abraham Ford. He first appeared on The Walking Dead in Season 4, Episode 10. About 20 minutes into the episode, Negan did his nursery rhyme to pick who to kill, and he landed on Abraham. He was the muscle of the group, with the heart of gold.

In even more startling news, Negan wasn’t done after bashing Abraham’s head in. Daryl was extremely upset after Negan killed his first victim and punched Negan in the face. Daryl was taken away, and Negan said that actions like that wouldn’t fly, so he then killed Glenn. He first appeared on The Walking Dead in Season 1, Episode 1.

Obviously, this all comes as a huge shock fans of the show, even though they knew at least one death was coming. It seems like Negan is going to be the nastiest villain that this group has come up against.

For more about the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, make sure to check out out breakdown of the newest episode, which you can read after the episode airs.

Rest in peace, Abraham an Glenn. You will be missed.

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