Benedict Cumberbatch Diagnoses Marvel Heroes’ Injuries in New Doctor Strange Video

There has been no shortage of the standard promotional materials for Doctor Strange: teasers, trailers (both regular and backward ones), motion posters, and so on. Marvel is now trying something else in addition to all that: Namely, letting Doctor Strange do what he did best before becoming a superhero.

Marvel released the new promotional video today on Twitter. In it, Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch assumes the role of doctor, diagnosing the various maladies and ailments (a missing arm counts as an ailment, right?) suffered by characters in Captain America: Civil War. You can probably guess what he thinks they should watch to get better.

It’s a clever idea, and one that does a good job of promoting the new movie without forcing you to watch copious amounts of potentially spoiler-filled footage from it. There is a brief look at the movie toward the end of video, but it lasts only a few seconds and doesn’t reveal much.

Ahead of its release in North America on November 4, critics recently got a look at the film. You can read GameSpot’s review for our impressions of the movie and check out review roundup for more takes. The one thing most everyone seems to agree on is that it’ll likely wow you with its spectacular visuals. Whether it can also cure those Civil War characters of their problems remains to be seen.

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