New Stranger Things Halloween Video Honors That Missing Character [SPOILERS]

Netflix released a new Stranger Things video today. It’s not Season 2 footage but rather a pretty cool, Halloween-inspired newsreel where a news reporter talks about events from Season 1.

Anchor Brenda Wood of the fake news channel WIYZ starts off by referencing Barb’s disappearance. As we saw in Season 1, she attended a party at Steve’s house, where the Demagorgon took her. Some Stranger Things fans lamented the fact that Barb’s disappearance and a search for her didn’t get more screentime. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer later clarified that just because the show didn’t cover this, authorities were indeed looking for her. Additionally, the brothers have promised that Season 2 will honor Barb’s legacy and make sure she gets justice. The last time we saw Barb, she was in the Upside Down and not looking very good; we’ve since learned that she is definitely dead.

The video also shows some security camera footage of the time Eleven stole Eggo waffles from a grocery store and caused other mischief. Finally, the newsreel ends with Wood informing viewers not to venture to Mirkwood, the name given to the road on which Will vanished from in Season 1.

“Whatever you do, avoid Mirkwood this Halloween,” she says.

In other news about Stranger Things, Funko announced today that it’s making Pop Vinyl figures for all of the main characters, including Barb.

Stranger Things Season 2 premieres on Netflix in 2017. According to the Duffer brothers, it will be “darker and weirder” than the first season. The plot is a mystery, but Netflix has confirmed that actors from Power Rangers and American Odyssey are joining the show for its second season.

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