Football Manager 2017: the game made by 1,300 scouts in 51 countries

The team behind Football Manager 2017 have produced a stunningly detailed collection of football data. In this short film, Copa90 find out how they did it

By Copa90, part of the Guardian Sport Network

“The last time we tried to calculate our strike rate it was around 99.5%,” says Football Manager head honcho Miles Jacobson. For him and his team at Sports Interactive, the aim is always to create the most real-life representation of football year after year. Creating Football Manager 2017 has not just been about building a commercial product. It’s also about constructing a game they want to play over the next year until they release the next edition.

Jacobson strives to build the most realistic game yet so he can live out his dream of leading Watford to the Premier League title, albeit with the heavy heart that comes after he has relieved Walter Mazzarri of his duties in the process.

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